Strange Stefan Zsaitsits drawings make you numb

If you are a person who adores strange drawings with some riddles inside, then you have a good chance to familiarize with works of Stefan Zsaitsits.
Stefan Zsaitsits is an Austrian artist who has been created surrealistic pencil drawings since 2010. A lot of his works seem to be very strange and unusual for ordinary people, but at the same time they attract attention by their uniqueness and complexity.
On many artist’s drawings there are children, the heads of whom have been transformed in something. On some pictures we can see how different unexpected landscapes (and usually they are very dark) appear instead of children’s heads. Also, it is possible to see various machines, figures and even plants on or in the heads of little children. It can seem that there is no deep sense in these drawings, but it won’t be true. So why so many his works are related to head?
As for me, in the majority of cases it’s quite easy to understand the main idea of artist. For example, putting a big machine instead of head, artist hints that this person thinks and acts like a machine, a robot. Or when you look at woman, in the head of whom there is Pompeii before a volcano erupting, you are able to understand that she is on the verge of collapsing.
There are many such artist’s drawings, in which he shows (in a bit strange way, of course) that our head is what we see, feel, think and perceive. It’s a whole world, in which we live, dream and die and it depends on us what this world will look like. And what is your world?

More wonderful drawings of Stefan Zsaitsits are available here.


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