Flike: flying bike – is it real?

flike1We all have seen many strange flying vehicles in the sci-fi movies. But will they be really made one day? As it has turned out, one such vehicle – Flike – has already been invented and even tested by a group of enthusiasts from Hungary.

Flike is a personal tricopter that has three dual rotors, which are propelled by electric motors with electricity produced by a pack of lithium-ion batteries. According to its creators, this flying motorbike is meant for 1 person (but his weigh should be no more than 100 kg) and it can be piloted by the remote control or by a person on-board. Currently, the maximal airspeed of Flike is 100 km, its service ceiling is 30 meters and the maximum take-off mass is 400 kg.

flike2The developers of Flike state that in the final version of this vehicle one accumulator charging will be enough for 15-20 minutes of hovering flight and 30-40 minutes of cruising flight. Also, this flying motorbike will be “S-cubic”: safe, sexy and sophisticated. According to its inventors, you will be able to land Flike safely even if one of its motors breaks.


Currently, the vehicle developers are looking for investors to produce Flikes as a commercial product. They expect that the early adopters will be used by private pilots, and their price will be rather high.


You can look at first Flike in this video, while more information about this personal flying vehicle is available here.


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