Creative library-vehicle will make you study

TankbibliotekaAs it has turned out, Argentina is not only a country of football and delicious vines, but it’s also the one where the heavy weapons are used in peaceful and useful purposes. Thus, an eccentric Argentinian artist – Raul Lemesoff – has created a real tank-library that goes about the streets of Buenos Aires.

This tank-like vehicle, which is entitled “Weapon Of Mass Instruction”, has been built on the platform of 36-years old military vehicle called Ford Falcon. Having completely converted this iron vehicle, Raul has managed to create a lot of shelves, which can store about 900 various books – outside and inside this tank-library.
Tankbiblioteka (6)
The creator of this a bit strange vehicle is planning to travel all over the country, delivering these free books to the people who will promise him to read them till the end. In this peculiar way, Raul Lemesoff is trying to fight against the total ignorance of young and old people in his country and to give them a possibility to extend their current knowledge.
Tankbiblioteka (3)

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Except for the colorful photos, you can also watch the interesting video below. This reel shows not only how Raul has created his amazing tank-library, but also his first raids to people. Enjoy!


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