Daily life of stormtroopers

4948776ed5bef8cbc1d68ea910_5f2f0621Have you ever thought about daily life of characters of any popular film or movie series? And how about the characters from the well known Star Wars series? Would you like to know how they might live in the reality? If you have answered positively, then today you have an excellent chance to reveal one such mystery. It concerns the daily life of one well known detachment in Star Wars series – stormtroopers.
Thus, the Spanish photographer Jorge Pérez Higuera has decided to show people how these galactic fighters might live in the daily routine. Thanks to his photos’ series, which is entitled “The Other Side”, the artist has managed to show that the stormtroopers are just like us. They have to do lots of routine things like we do. The imperial soldiers also have to study, go to the shop, refuel their cars, cook, wash the clothes and pay the bills like everyone else in the world. But at the same time, the stormtroopers have some positive moments in this everyday routine. As Higuera demonstrates, they can relax in a jacuzi after a hard day, play video games or billiards with friends or just help their wives to knit the clothes.

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No matter what exactly they do, the stormtroopers’ lives are almost the same as ours. Creating these photos, Jorge Pérez Higuera has hoped that they will help us to understand that there is a joy and some positive moments in a daily routine and it’s very important to value the everyday life. And what do you think about these funny photographs?

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