How penguin sweaters save the birds’ lives

It may sound impossible but the real clothes made by ordinary people have saved many penguins’ lives in New Zealand. And the story of birds’ tiny sweaters has begun the following way.


A few years ago, after a wreck of big cargo ship more than 350 tons of oil have spilled in the ocean near New Zealand. It was a huge ecological collapse, which could cause the extinction of many penguins in this area. But Victoria’s Phillip Island Penguin Foundation as well as many other organizations found the way to protect these amazing birds. They asked the ordinary people to knit tiny sweaters for the penguins. The clothes for these birds were and are absolutely necessary things, because they are able to protect the penguins from freezing.

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And many people from all over the world decided to help and started knitting the clothes for these birds. One of them was a 109 years old man – Alfred Date, – who already had an 80 years experience and was ready to help penguins to stay alive. This old man as well as many other good women and men could do the impossible thing – they created 32 thousands units of clothes! Their goodness and desire to help saved many lives of these beautiful small creatures.


Thus, the clothes may be not only fashionable accessories, but also a thing that can save someone’s life.


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