Amazing miniature paintings by Hasan Kale


As you all know the real art is incredibly multifaceted. Once more this statement has been proven by Turkish artist – Hasan Kale, who creates amazing miniature paintings.

This artist not only occupies with a micro-art that requires a lot of precision and talent, but he also uses the most unexpected canvas for his works. Usually, Hasan creates his awesome miniature paintings on the wings of butterflies and beetles, the shells of snails, the coffee beans and even the lemon rind.


But the most beautiful thing in his work is that this artist recreates very detailed portraits and landscapes of the nature and his native city – Istanbul. Almost in each his masterpiece some part of this huge old city is presented.


According to Hasan, he uses his own finger to mix the paints and a very thin brush to work on the smallest details of his miniature paintings. This artist is very patient so he can work for many hours in order to be able to share these wonderful masterpieces as soon as possible. By the way, you will have to look closely all his work to notice the smallest details of the artist’s paintings.

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