Electro-magnetic Audi concept car

Electro-magnetic Audi concept car will change your perception of the world

audi-5Could you ever imagine a real car without wheels? No? Then, it’s time to change your way of thinking or at least your perception of the world, because such automobile has been already designed.

Recently, an absolutely new Audi electro-magnetic concept car, which has neither wheels nor axles, has been revealed. The futuristic vehicle was imagined by American industrial designer Kevin Clarridge.

According to the artist, this concept car is maglev-powered, that’s why the automobile doesn’t need any wheels at all. The hover sleek automobile has a really low friction, zero emissions and it is able to reach incredibly high speeds only in a few seconds.

Currently, it’s unknown whether German brand Audi, which is already involved in the creation of the electrical automobiles of the new generation, will be able to make such real concept car in the nearest future or not. But nevertheless this Clarridge’s idea may become the first step in development and production of the cars of future.

And what do you think about such hover vehicles? Do you believe that they may appear in the recent decades or it’s just a good idea for a sci-fi movie?


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