Sena Runa amazing paper art


Have you ever heard about such paper art as quilling? Do you have any of such artworks? No? Then now you have an excellent chance to get to know more about this art, one well-known artist and even appraise some wonderful creations.The quilling or as it also called paper filigree is an art form, which is based on the use of strips of paper that can be looped, rolled, shaped, curled and glued together in order to create the decorative designs.

Despite the fact that this paper art is quite old, it is very popular nowadays. There are many talented artists who work in this domain, and one of them is Sena Runa. This Turkish designer works only for 1 year, but she has already managed to create many peculiar artworks, which are very popular around the world and well sold. Her paper art is an absolutely unique not only because of really bright colors, which prevail in her works, but also due to her own technique of combining the sketch and the paper quilling. All her amazing artworks are generally festive, they fill you only with positive emotions and some of them (for example, “The Place Where Wishes Come True”) give you the sense of freedom and even let you dream.


The majority of Sena Runa decor designs are perfect to adorn your house or flat and especially they are suitable for a young child’s bedroom or playroom.

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You can look at more her amazing works on the artist’s official page in Facebook or Twitter. Also you can visit Etsy shop and buy some decor designs of Sena Runa.
What do you think about this paper art now?


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