Animal head sculptures with stormtrooper helmet


The real art may be very different and sometimes very unusual for an ordinary person, but nevertheless it has the right to exist. One of such examples is the animal head sculptures made by Blank William.This American designer has recently created a new collection of sculptures, which is titled “New Order Black”. This set of works unites two important elements. The first one is the heads of three animals – an elephant, a hippopotamus and a rhinoceros. The second element – the well-known stormtrooper helmet – is taken from the famous Star Wars series.
The artist has integrated the stormtrooper helmet on the head of the chosen animals, having adjusted it to all facial features of the species. In this way the artist has decided to reinterpret the main familiar features of famous Star Wars stormtroopers.
This collection of sculptures has been made in two versions – white and black. In the first one, the rhino horn, the elephant tusks and the hippo ears are covered with awesome chrome finish, while in the second variant these parts of animals are wrapped in a nice golden color.
More about these and other sculptures of this American artist you can get to know on his official site.

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