Italian street art evolution by Blu


A long time ago the street art was one of the main ways to express the feelings and thoughts of young self-taught artists. And now it is more than that, it has become a good way to show the real problems of society and our world, which will be seen by a large audience.
One of such talented artists with a nickname Blu lives and works in Italy. His real name is unknown, but a lot of his great works are already well-known in the whole world. In 1999 in Bologna he made his first big illegal graffiti and it became the first step not only in his career, but in the further evolution of Italian street art. Since that time, Blu has already presented many new different and scale works, but they are all dedicated to some critical social problems, on which people don’t want to pay attention. For instance, there is one famous graffiti of Blu, which shows the Earth as a big pie without one slice. This work demonstrates very well how people pollute our planet with domestic wastes. Or we can take a look on his recent art, which depicts a timeline path of the natural history. This really huge work shows the evolution from the smallest single-cell creatures till the dinosaurs, mammals and, of course, humans. This graffiti demonstrates how the rainbow-hued way loses its colors and destroys under its weight. According to Blu, the industry and the war are the main reasons of this self-destruction of the humanity and the Earth.
Blu is not the one artist, who through street art tries to attract attention of the public to the most critical problems of society and our planet. There are many other talented artists who have forced the street art to change and evolve. The real art has not only to show the beauty of the world but also to reveal its bad sides.



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