Car Graveyards photos will surely impress every car enthusiast

It looks impossible that someone has found his inspiration in the real car graveyard, but as it has turned out at least one artist think the other way. The German photographer Dieter Klein considers the subject of the abandoned old cars to be very interesting and important enough to appear on his photos and be shown to the large audience.

In 2009 Dieter found his first 70 years old abandoned car – Citroën, – which was surrounded by withered flowers and wreathed by twisted branches. The photographer was very fascinated by this unusual sight and since that time his series of Car Graveyards photos has begun.

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The artist looks for the remains of the old cars of 20th century in any part of the world and makes the fabulous photos. His main aim while creating Car Graveyards photos’ series is to show people how the nature has conserved each automobile model, which has its own unique story. Sometimes it is possible to get to know the stories of the cars and their owners, but sometimes they are covered with mystery, which makes these automobiles more interesting and attractive for the photographer.

Also through these Car Graveyards photos Dieter Klein tries to discover and demonstrate the unique methods, which the nature uses to fight against the humanity and the industry as well as how it erases the people presence.



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