Funny sketches from Apredart will make you smile


If you are a person who is interested in all cool and amazing pictures of self-taught artists, then we suggest you paying attention to funny sketches from Apredart.

This Switzerland artist – Loïc Apreda – has already a lot of sketches presented on his official page in Facebook. Usually Apredart works with black pens, while creating his characters, and some real items (hands, pencil, paper clips, clothespins, etc). Together, these things make a viewer think that his characters are coming out of the paper. When you are looking at these sketches, you have a strong feeling that his protagonists – a mouse and a snail – will appear before your eyes in a few seconds and will continue doing their business.

Beyond that, I like that lots of these sketches describe some real situations from our live. For example, on one of the pictures you can see a mouse, who opens a Christmas gift that it doesn’t like, but at the same time it doesn’t want to insult the giver of this present. I think that this situation is really familiar to many of us and we know how to act, but have we ever seen our faces in such a moment? No? Then, look on the first picture with the mouse!) Also, I adore the second sketch of Aredart, where the same mouse is depicted. Here, this character is shown after Christmas holidays, when he ate and drunk, ate and drunk and… survived after this marathon of overeating and overdrinking. You also look like this mouse on the picture, don’t you?

There are so many amazing and funny sketches of this artist and I can’t even choose which are my favorite ones, because I do believe that they are all cool and have the right to be shown to the large audience. And what do you think?


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