Decorate your house or workplace with creative sculptures

12230805_1525326694446494_985018599_nDo you adore all unusual creative things and try to find the new ones? Then I am happy to tell you about small creative sculptures by Chercheto.


The tiny sculptures, which you see on the pictures, are made by Russian girl Anna with a nickname oso polar. She has been creating these small awesome dolls for a couple of years, and now, they are quite popular and available for buying.

All creative sculptures of this young artist are really peculiar. When you look at them, you feel how a smile is appearing on your face, because, as for me, these miniatures can cause only positive emotions. Some of them, for example mushrooms or a sunflower in a pot, will look really nice on your working table, while “alive” teeth may become a cool decoration for a dental office. It doesn’t matter, which of them you will choose, they will decorate any part of your house or workplace in an absolutely unique way.

All these creative sculptures are handmade, so you can be sure that no one will have the same miniatures as you do. These wonderful creations are made from polymer clay and it means that they won’t harm you (if your children won’t try to eat them, of course) and have a long-term storage period.

You can find more pics of these awesome creative sculptures on the artist’s official page in Instagram.


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