The shoes bakery: what is it?

The real art has no limits. This statement has been already proven lots of times by many different people and in various domains. This time we have been surprised by a young designer Chris Campbell, who has decided to amaze women with absolutely unusual shoes.

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Chris Campbell is a creator of a new brand, which is called Shoebakery. As you can guess from the brand’s title, the shoes bakery means that the footwear of this designer looks like real rools, fancy cakes and pieces of pie, which may be even decorated with a cherry on a toe. Yes, the court shoes, the flatties, the rubbers, the heels and many other shoes for women look very appetizing (thanks to 3D technologies used by Chris), but of course they aren’t edible at all.

All shoes for ladies from Chris Campbell are handmade and that makes them absolutely unique. According to the creator of the shoes bakery, one pair of footwear is being made during 3 or even 6 weeks, and it affects the price, which is rather high. The cost of one such pair can vary from 60 till 400 dollars. Despite the big price, the designer’s creations are very popular and many women would like to have at least one pair of such “sweet” shoes. And what do you think about the shoes bakery?


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