Laraki Epitome Concept is a new supercar to pay attention


If you are a real fan of supercars and would like to know everything about them, especially about the new ones, then you should read this article. Now I`m going to tell you about Laraki Epitome Concept – a relatively new car with a really good performance and a bit peculiar look.

This supercar, which was created in Morocco in 2013, costs $2,000,000. The price is really high even for a car of this class. However, what Laraki Epitome Concept can offer the buyers in order they pay attention to it? The answer on this question lies in the impressive figures.

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First of all, Laraki Epitome Concept has 7.0 litre V8, 1750 HP turbocharged engine with a top speed of 204 mph. The last one can be even higher if you work well with gear ratios. As for the pace, this car is a bit better than McLaren 12C, for example, but at the same time it is really far from Koenigsegg, Pagani or Bugatti.


Secondly, the wealthy people who are already interested in and would like to buy it should know that the number of cars, which have been made, is really small. According to Laraki, there are only 9 examples of this exciting car, which can be sold to the public. And you, would you like to become an owner of such supercar?



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