Make your day with this exciting Zootopia trailer!

One of the most anticipated 3D animated films of 2016 titled Zootopia has recently got its first official trailer. The creators of the upcoming action-adventure – Walt Disney Animation Studios – have offered us to take a look on the unusual world of this animated movie and meet its protagonists.


In this Zootopia trailer, we see a big mammal metropolis, where everything is created and functions like in the human world. We meet a young officer Judy Hopps, who works in the Police Department of the city, and a con artist Nick Wilde. They contrary all laws of the nature have to work together in order to solve the case of a missing otter.

In the presented Zootopia trailer, we become the witnesses of one funny situation, when the protagonists try to get to know, who is an owner of the license plate found by Judy. And do you know who works in this service? No one except for sloths! Lots of smiles, good mood and only the best impressions are guaranteed for sure while you are watching this exciting Zootopia trailer.

Zootopia comedy movie stars Jason Bateman, Ginnifer Goodwin, Shakira and it will appear on big screens already on the 4th of March 2016.



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