Have you ever seen a real Porsche shoot?


After the engine of the classic Porsche 911 has stopped to work (along with the cooling system and other electronics), its owner has decided not to repair the car for $20 000, but to give it as a non-commercial contribution dedicated to “The protection of gun rights”. So, lets find out what’s left of the icon after 10 000 bullets. This unforgettable action has got a title “a Porsche shoot”.

Porsche-911-pod-gradom-10-000-pul (2)

When the members of Comm2A organization, which aim is to cultivate the military patriotic spirit in the USA, have heard for the first time that they will have an opportunity to fire clips into expensive German car, they have thought that this is a joke. But when the owner has fired a first shot, they have become aware of the whole seriousness of his intentions and the Porsche shoot has started.

Porsche-911-pod-gradom-10-000-pul (1)

“I will never forget this show, because for me it was nothing else than a big magic show. On the one hand, I have taken an unbelievable and unforgettable pleasure. But on other hand, I have been so sorry for this beautiful and powerful car, which in a few seconds has transformed in a mass of a bent metal. Do I regret to have seen it? No, but nevertheless I would prefer to look not at the Porsche shoot, but at the shoot of another not so expensive car.”

Porsche-911-pod-gradom-10-000-pul (3)


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