The first official The Angry Birds trailer is up to you to appraise!


The amazing news for all real fans of the super popular The Angry Birds game series! The upcoming animated movie about famous birds and their eternal enemies – pigs – has finally got its first official trailer.
As always, Sony Pictures offers only the best reels to its audience and The Angry Birds trailer has been also done on the highest level. The cool music arrangement, the colorful pictures and the almost alive animals on the screen are right here to satisfy any spectator. But that’s not all.


This The Angry Birds trailer also shows our beloved animals on their beautiful island, allows us to take a look on the real birds’ life, the relationships between them and even get to know more about the problems of these flying animals. Yes, they do also have them too! And the main one among them is their anger. Do you want to know why these colorful and interesting birds are so fierce and how they try to manage it? Then watch this really hilarious The Angry Birds trailer!
Also this video lets us meet the upcoming animated movie’s protagonists – Red, Chuck, Bomb and, of course, Leonard. These unpredictable animals are full of surprises and already soon their unbelievable adventures will make you amaze, smile and even laugh till the tears. Are you ready for it? The real adventures of angry birds and pigs will start already in May 2016.


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