Simple and healthy dessert recipe for your party

Cold Strawberry Ice Cream
If you are going to have a party soon, but still don’t know which desserts you need to cook for your guests, then we can help you. Today I’d like to share one simple, but at the same time very healthy dessert recipe. This is the recipe of a fruit ice-cream, which will be perfect for a party, a meeting with your close friends or just for your delight.

So, in order to cook this delicious dessert you need to prepare:
275 ml of water;
1 tablespoon of sugar;
12 g of starch;
155 g of apple mush and the same quantity of currant mush.

First of all, you have to dissolve starch in water, add sugar and make a jelly. Then you need to add apple and currant puree to a jelly and stir this mass till it becomes homogeneous. After that, you should put this mixture into a special container or a big bowl (or a couple of small ones) and leave it in a freezer for 4 hours. It’s also recommended to take this mass out and mix it each 40 minutes. When it will be cooked, you can also decorate this ice-cream with fresh black or red currants.

This healthy dessert recipe is really easy to cook for everyone, even if you are a beginner in a kitchen, and it will never take a lot of time. It may also become one of your friends’ favorite desserts because of ingredients, which can be easily replaced by your own taste.


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