Place of my dream


The photo, which you see right now, was made by me last autumn. I traveled a lot during many months and unexpectedly in one of my trips I saw this unbelievably beautiful place.

The first time when I saw it, I was so surprised that I froze and stayed silent for hours. I seemed to have lost the time sense and all my previous contacts to the world. The place on this photo made me feel so little and unimportant in front of its beauty, mystery and greatness. The valley with its small buildings seemed to have been touched neither by time nor by any humanity’s innovations, while the mountains in a distance looked like impregnable giants.
I made this photo on a third day. Now after many months, when I look on it, I always feel the peace and the calm in my soul, because I know that there are places in our world, where the nature is still the same as it was many centuries ago, where the air is really fresh and the water is cold and pure. I can even suppose that exactly in such valleys, mountains and rocks, which you see on this photo, the God lives. I’m sure that each traveler can address to him and will be heard.
As for me, the place on this photo has become the symbol of the real harmony between nature, God and people who live there. It’s also a synonym of a peace for me, so when I feel tired, upset or angry, I just take this photo and look on the land of my dream.

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