It`s very important thing to stay strong and healthy during the whole life. For this, people do many different and sometimes ridiculous things. In my opinion, the most important of them are sports, healthy food and an 8-hour sleep.
Any kind of sport is useful for your health and helps to become stronger. Moreover, sport makes you happier and stronger to season`s diseases. In addition, sport could be a great alternative of outdoor activities. Except the health, sport can help you to meet new friends, who are also interested in being healthy. Such a situation happened to me a few years ago. At the football pitch I met a friend Danny. Now, we are playing together in one team.

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The second most important thing is healthy food. We are that what we eat. It`s a very truthful phrase. Almost no one who eats fast food is healthy. The reason of that fact is that fast food is high calorie. At the same time, healthy people eat fresh and useful food like boiled meat, vegetables and fruits. For those people who do any kind of sport it is a great source of energy.  Of course, unhealthy food often tastes better, but it`s the only advantage.

The last but not the least important thing is an 8-hour sleep.  It`s important because your organism becomes tired after every working day. Moreover, it becomes more tired after sport. In this case, it`s necessary to relax and sleep more. During your sleep, organism is getting a new “power” for the next day. However, you also have to know, that sleeping over 9 hours is as unhealthy as sleeping less than 8 hours.

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In my life, I try to follow all these recommendations and rules. Yes, sometimes it seems hard, but the result is what inspires me. I`m sure that all these steps can help to prolong life and stay healthy as much as possible.



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