Traveling is one of the most favorite things to do at free time. This hobby gives many positive emotions, new experience and inspiration for those who travel.

tumblr_mvtbn2JIzN1qi5dego1_1280 There are many specific features of traveling like choosing of the route, packaging a travel bag and searching for a companion.

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Traveling with a companion is a very good choice. It is easier together to overcome difficulties, to set up a camp or just take photos with you and breathtaking landscape. Moreover, at the end of the day you can share your emotions with each other. In long trips, it is necessary to travel with a companion, who would be able to hedge in a difficult situation or provide an emergency assistance.

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On the other hand, sometimes, it is better to travel alone. You can stay anywhere you like, change your travel route during the trip. You can do whatever you like and you don`t have to think about if it is convenient for your companion or not. You can stop anytime, clean up your mind and enjoy the place where you travel. Moreover, all of your experience, all of your emotions, just everything about a trip could be written on a piece of paper. However, there are some minuses. It is harder to solve problems and build a camp in a nasty weather, it could be scary at places where predator animals live and no one couldn`t give to you a first aid if it is necessary.

I prefer to travel alone by bicycle. It lets you take enough things for travel and do sport at the same time.  You can get almost to every beautiful corner of the nature. You can enjoy the ride surrounded with the fields, forests, mountains and rivers. It is inexpressible experience. Moreover, all of us should go on such travel, to enjoy the time and just relax after hard working days, weeks or months.


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