At least 30 years passed after the death of the Emperor and Darth Vader, but the galaxy is still in danger. State formation called “New Order” and led by a mysterious supreme leader Snoke with his right hand Kailo Rehn, is following in the footsteps of the Empire and trying to grab all the power.

At this time, fate brings a young girl Rae and New Order former stormtrooper Finn with the heroes of the past war with the Empire – Han Solo, Chewbacca, and Leia Queen. Together, they have to confront to the New Order. But there comes a moment when everybody realizes, that they couldn`t win Snoke without a Jedi help. And there only one, who still alive in the whole galaxy…shotimg55041_2
A lot of words could be written about this multi-part movie. But let me just introduce and show you Star Wars Episode 7 Trailer and you will understand everything by yourself.
Watch this teaser and then spend a weekend watching the full movie in the cinema. Sure, you will enjoy it!


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