All people love to receive or give presents. Some people prefer to give usual present or just some amount of money.


Nevertheless, other people refer to this with more responsibility searching for more special and creative gifts or even doing them by themselves. The person will definitely remember these presents.

The first reason why people remember special gifts lies in fact that they don`t expect to receive such a present. Moreover, after receiving a gift, the person feels emotional lift and happiness, which helps to remember that gift. For example, it could be a diamond, sport car or just a ticket to a concert of your favorite rock band.

The second reason why people can remember special present is a hand-made gift from someone who is dear to them. It can be anything, a photo collage, painting, or a little sculpture that has made by your brother. People remember such gifts, because the people person who made such unique presents put in there a little part of their soul, love and time. For example, a child remembers his first bear, which his mom has made, or a guy, who remembers an  embroidery presented by his girlfriend. Additionally, handmade presents make people feel happy.


Furthermore, people often remember that present which they have been dreaming about for a long period of their life. It could be an autograph of a famous person, jewelry or invention for some special event. For example, for small child it could a toy, which he fell in love with in a toyshop. This kind of presents also makes people feel happy. In addition, one more important thing. Giving a special present people show their own attitude to you.

In my opinion, there is no deal which kind of present to give. More important is how you will present. You can buy even tickets to the favorite cinema and give them on a romantic evening. On the other hand, you can buy jewelry and hide it somewhere to create a surprising effect. I think people remember not just a present, but also the way in which it is presented.

Coming up Christmas is a perfect occasion to make a special gift to a person who is dear for you.




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