Three Turkish designers Tamer YÜKSEK, Mehmet Mehmetalioglu and Kürsat Kemal Kul have presented a new concept of the future military ambulance.

Koncept-skoroy-pomoshhi-dlya-voennyh (1)

This truck is specially designed for the fast transportation and treatment of injured soldiers.

Koncept-skoroy-pomoshhi-dlya-voennyh (2)

A futuristic, cylindrical structure in the middle of the frame, helps the ambulance to adapt for different battlefield conditions and environment. Six-wheeled military truck concept will get bright LED lights, strong metal frame, powerful winch and special active (adaptable) self-moving wheels. In addition, these wheels will be able to reduce shaking inside of the ambulance. That is very necessary for injured soldiers to keep them alive. Moreover, each of the independent wheels has an electric motor and powered with diesel engines.

Koncept-skoroy-pomoshhi-dlya-voennyh (4)

The vehicle is covered by 10 layers of Kevlar carbon fiber. The armor thickness can reach up to 3 cm at certain areas. Furthermore the Ambulance Concept equipped with Photovoltaic system as an alternative energy supply for medical equipment, inner lighting and air conditioner.

Koncept-skoroy-pomoshhi-dlya-voennyh (3)

A military concept has a middle-sized drone, which will help in searching people. The drone equipped with medical equipment, thermal imaging system and two robot arms to provide first aid. This drone is able to reach longer and higher places than a truck. Also this drone helps to detect the enemies and show injured soldiers on the map.

Koncept-skoroy-pomoshhi-dlya-voennyh (5)

Such concept gives opportunity to find injured soldiers very quickly at the battlefield and provide their secure transportation to a hospital.


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