Let`s meet an awesome concept-car with the emblem of a corrida bull on the hood. Welcome to a new Lamborghini Quanta concept.


Inspired by famous Italian brand, designer Bruno Gallardo has presented a next generation of supercar called Quanta or LP 1200-4.


It was not easy to decide which boundaries of driving experience should be pushed? Of course, future hyper-car must have more power, be faster and be able to adapt for the owner`s driving style. In addition, the last feature could be teaching you how to drive and remember your best driving things. Bruno Gallardo believes that his car can`t crash. All these goals need powerful system which will do many quantum computing every second. Moreover, that’s why the concept is named Lamborghini Quanta. These autonomous systems will work like a human senses and feelings, adopting and predicting situations.

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Designer imagine that Lamborghini will get a classic V12 engine, which has been established on earlier models.
An aerodynamic exterior design has taken from Grounded Flight. Look at the car from the side and you will see illusion as if car moves all the time.


Inside of the Lamborghini, passenger will feel themselves as an indivisible part of the car. Probably, this car will appear as a not concept only in 2020. Until that time we can enjoy these perfect pictures and only imagine which technologies the car will include.


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