This year’s Frankfurt Motor Show brought lots of interesting future car concepts. One of them was a sport SUV Nissan Gripz. This new concept has inspired many visitors and has become one of the most popular car on that show.Koncept-krossovera-Nissan-Gripz

The Nissan was inspired by classic rally cars and tried to build a SUV which could be practical on the road and beyond of it.

The Gripz`s designers tried to create a car, which would appear like a famous rally car Nissan 240Z. This car took part in Sahara Rallies across Kenya, Baja and Uganda in 70s. Like a Z-series cars, the Gripz concept has an enlarged clearance, brutal body kit and bright orange paint with black-colored elements.

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The Nissan says that their concept has been made as a car for people who live in the cities and for those, who want to escape from it on the weekends cycling, mounting or kayaking.

Let have a closer look at Nissan Gripz Concept. The front part shows square headlights with boomerang-shaped LED daylights from above. The side of the car got massive black 22-inch wheels with Bridgestone tires. Interesting fact, that concept gets strong roof and scissors-like doors thanks to which entrance inside is much easier than in Juke or other SUV.

Koncept-Nissan-Gripz (3)

The Gripz interior has four separate seats, original steering wheel and dashboard. Other features include rear camera, front action camera (to record or stream all your driving actions).

Koncept-Nissan-Gripz (2)

The engine would be taken from LEAF in addition to a small petrol engine. This car will be useful during the all working week and will give you a perfect sense of drive (action) on the weekends. But there not so many chances to see such a nice car in a close future. It`s just a concept which will have a lot of modifications.


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