Air emissions are becoming more toxic, so car manufacturers are being forced to go beyond the common thoughts in search of a better economy and environmental friendliness. One of such ways is aerodynamics, which reduce fuel consumption. Changes in the car design and construction should be the most radical solution. Mercedes brought this method to a new level with his concept of IAA (Intelligent aerodynamic car), which changes shape at high speeds to cut the air with more efficiency and reduce drag.

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New Mercedes IAA Concept got a teardrop shape with a sleek and stylish design. This concept debuted at Frankfurt motor show. To be honest, IAA has a lot of common things with another Mercedes concept – F 015, which debuted earlier this year.

Mercedes-Concept-IAA (13)

Interesting to know, when Mercedes IAA hits 80 km/h his body starting to change. 8 car parts built into the rear part prolong “tail” up to 390 mm. At the same time front parts of the bumper become bigger over 25 mm. These technological things improve airflow around the car.
Mercedes-Concept-IAA (11)

In addition to the front and rear bumpers, Mercedes` rims can be displaced by 55 mm with the side panels in the wheel arches. By such manipulation of various aerodynamic body parts, Mercedes is able to change the drag coefficient from 0.25 to 0.19.
Mercedes-Concept-IAA (12)
Mercedes mentioned nothing about car fuel economy, but it asserted about 3 g/km disposing of CO2. Very interesting innovation is IAA able to eke an extra 4 km of all-electric range out of its hybrid powertrain.

Mercedes-Concept-IAA (9)

IAA concept car, combined with new special features should appear in future models of the E-Class, including the network system of the car Car-to-X, which allows you to warn each other of accidents or potential hazards on the road network.

Mercedes-Concept-IAA (8)

The IAA`s front design reminds elongated version of the F015 face with the horizontal louver grille and integrated LED headlights.

Mercedes-Concept-IAA (21)

Inside, the interior follows the concept of the line S-Class and S-Class coupe, with the addition of an optical touchpad Finger Navigation on the steering wheel to allow the driver to scroll through menus with more convenience.

Mercedes-Concept-IAA (6)

Here you can watch video from Frankfurt auto show

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