Porsche introduced new four-dour electric supercar Mission E Concept at Frankfurt Motor Show. Car design is great and futuristic. From any side Porsche`s concept has elegant, smooth and aerodynamic lines. Two permanent magnet synchronous motors are hidden under the hood. Earlier, these motors were used in 919 Spyder, which has been specially prepared for 24 Le Mans race. In total, engines combine 600 hp. That`s enough to reach 62 mph in 3.5 seconds. In 12 seconds Porsche reaches speed to 124 mph. Unfortunately, German company didn`t tell anything about torque figure for the Mission E. Porsche believes that car can finish Nürburgring Nordschleife less than in 8 minutes.

It is known that the car body is made of aluminum, steel and carbon fiber to make supercar lighter as much as possible. The 447 kW engines will be powered by battery with 800-volt charging system. By the way, batteries are installed in low part of the body for a low center of gravity and even weight distribution. This innovation will give to the car owner a 85 percent of the car’s 311 mile range in 15 minutes. Using more conventional ways of charging, taking more time – says in Porsche.

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Mission E Concept has luxurious and spacious interior, which is designed for 4 passengers. There are more space for little things like phones, wallets and sunglasses, because this electric car doesn`t have a transmission tunnel or driveshaft. Also, Mission E will have two sensor displays, back camera and camera for you, which will take a selfie for social networks.

I look forward to see the first real, production version of the Porsche Mission E. This model will be competing with Tesla Model S and Aston Martin RapidE Concept in 2020.


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