Velosiped-Yurskogo-perioda (1)One crazy dinosaur tricycle has been found on the west coast. Can you only imagine that?
Jurassic park bike is 8.5 foot-tall and 12 foot-long. A tricycle looks as predatory Tyrannosaurus. Currently, this little T-Rex is looking for a new home. By the way, its name is Sue. Sue`s skeleton is made of chromoly steel and covered in foam and textured paint. Its seat is five feet above the ground. That`s why you need a stepladder to saddle this predator. If you don`t have it, there is a footboard hidden in the skeleton’s left side.


You can speed on this T-Rex up to 15 mph. But its usual, comfortable cruising speed is 7 mph. This huge sculpture attracts crowds of people, so no one will steal it while you are shopping.
maybe, the best thing in this tricycle is hands and head which can be moved by a driver. Sue can shake and wave her head, gnash her teeth. The lowest price for this well-behaved T- Rex is 2000 $.

Velosiped-Yurskogo-perioda (2)

It will be too hard to go on a mountain bike trip with Sue. But on the Californian streets she will be the best-looking “alive” dinosaur tricycle.

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