vensepto-concept-car-by-steel-drake1  Inspired by the designs of supercars Lamborghini, Drake Steele (Steel Drake) has developed a sophisticated, powerful and incredibly stylish supercar with a cool name Vensepto. If you look closely, the front of the machine resembles a hybrid supercar Ferrari and Lamborghini. Predatory headlights with thin LED backlight, V-shaped raised bonnet line and huge air intakes with the sharp angles, give brutality to design concept look. From the side, because of door bendings and side mirrors, Vensepto reminds hypercar Koenigsegg and McLaren. Behind, it is also quite easy to draw an analogy with the Japanese supercar Lexus LFA.

vensepto-concept-car-by-steel-drake11 The impression created by the ventilation holes, located directly under the headlights. In addition to the similarity with the above supercars, Steel Drake was looking for inspiration in the works of other designers such as Ken Nagasaki, Tony Chen, Samir Sadikhov, Yan Kai, and others. This is only a conceptual design, so no one knows about technical characteristics. Are known only size of this machine. Length Vensepto will be 4540 mm, width – 2020 mm, and height – only 1140 mm. There are a lot of hopes,that in the nearest future we will see at least one real supercar Vensepto, left the limits of programs and electronic drawings.



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