Music – so simple and uncomplicated word, which hides very deep meaning. One word, meaning of which requires a deep understanding. Everyone has his/her personal understanding and attitude to the music. Someone likes to write and create the music, others prefer to play it and someone – just listen. Music – bloody drug that does not cost anything, but when it properly organized, chemical reaction works wonders. It may kill or may revive. It creates the magic that no one can see, but everyone can hear clearly.

UploadImage (3)These so pleasant and intoxicating rhythms, penetrating sound channel, causing membrane wave oscillations, and so sweet and quickly communicated to the brain that no one drug can not be compared with music on the speed of its digestibility. Music like a time machine – not that one which is referred to as a group, and the one-click can move into the past, or, just as easily draw the future is definitely positive. These familiar rhythms, familiar words, sometimes sneaks up chills the skin and leaves you feeling the buzz, taking on the waves, or lived in a pleasant future moments. Just close your eyes, leans his head on the pillow and enjoy. Stuffing the rhythms of songs by your leg, trying to sing, you going to outswing artist from sounding headphones. You catch a buzz, get a free emotional gift, in addition to a bonus in form of a good mood and smiles of happy, carefree person. And yet, if you close your eyes, you can go on a wonderful journey. Here is the choice for you: drawing in your sub consciousness something new, amazing and fascinating, or just fly to the places of former glory, blowing dust from the roadside, switching to a higher gear and changing scenery outside the window.

UploadImage (4)Although, the option of conquering mountains and forest trails on a bike, jump the gap and other adrenaline fantasies do not seem worse. Alternatively, it is simply a good excuse to issue a new note and kill winter hours. Music – the language of communication, which smart lyrics convey a hidden message to the recipient. Words that are finely matched to the desired tone, a fairly simple and original way to express their feelings, show your mood. First you listen, you can not stop, you want more and more good music. When the old songs are on the 300th circle of play, in the tormented player, you starting to want new drug, a new portion of emotions and new rhythms. And then you begin to kick up a row the entire Internet just to find something good. But there are things that are timeless and always will be in fashion, delight the ear. This is songs from platinum playlist, which every music lover has. Music – is something more than just a word. It is something more that we all have.

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